Turning Wealth Into Freedom

Lowenhaupt Global Advisors is part of a 100-year tradition of serving global families of substantial wealth. We provide single-family office services to help individuals and families achieve their ultimate goal: Freedom From Wealth.

We have managed wealth for generations of families by integrating all components of wealth management – investment advisory, tax and estate planning, risk management, fiduciary services, family governance and philanthropy. Through seamless coordination of your advisors, we transform wealth into a source of satisfaction.

We understand the privilege of your trust. For that reason, we have developed and endorsed the Principles of Wealth Management for Private Wealth Holders. The Principles express our commitment to providing objective, unconflicted advice and solutions. The Principles ensure that your wealth is managed with the benefit of disciplined process and wisdom.

We believe the purpose of wealth is to empower individuals and families to live life on their own terms. CEO and Founder Charles Lowenhaupt articulated that goal in the concept we refer to as Freedom from Wealth.

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